Interview With Dutch Consultant Firm- Jay's Continuous Improvement Model

Dr. Marino Delivers National Webinar Titled "Aligning District Goals to Drive Continuous Improvement" for District Administration Media Group.

Dr. Marino is a Keynote Speaker at a National Lean Conference in Holland- Partcipants Receive Limo Ride with Jay!

Jay Keynotes National Dutch Education Conference and Conducts Breakout Session

Sneak Preview of Keynote Presenters for Dutch National LEAN Conference

Jay Tours Dutch Schools Implementing His Continuous Improvement Model

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Published Books & Contributions

Jay Served as Co-Editor of a Book for Educators Implementing Quality Processes and Tools in Their Classroom

Jay Served as Co-Author of a Book for Dutch Educators Implementing Jay's Continuous Improvement Model

Jay Contributed Content to this Dutch Book for Educators Implementing Jay's Continuous Improvement Model

Jay Contributed to this Dutch Book for Educational Leaders Implementing Continuous Improvement Processes

Articles & Publications

Dr. Marino's 1 Page Overview of His Systemic Continuous Improvement Alignment Model

Research and Supporting Artifacts Supporting Dr. Marino's Systemic Continuous Improvement Model (Classroom Learning Community Workshop Docs)

Dr. Marino's Doctoral Dissertation: Full Research Titled "School Board Accountability: The Role of Continuous Improvement"

A New Paradigm for Organizational Change: Involving Customers and Stakeholders in the Improvement Process

District 34 Classroom Learning Community (CLC) Model – Student Ownership, Empowerment and Responsibility

(Dutch) Jay Marino's Mastclass Continuous Improvement (Pages 4-6)

Plan on a Page- Published in Scholastic Administrator

Iowa School District Charts the Path for Continuous Improvement Journey

(Dutch) Schoolleiders Kunnen Het Niet Alleen

(Dutch) De leerlingen dragen aelf bij aan het succes

Leading Continuous Improvement
Inspiring Quality Education Worldwide (Page 11)

(Dutch) Bezoek ann de scholen van Jay Marino (pages 20-23)

How one school district is using the Project Lead the Way program to implement STEM and embrace 21st century learning

National Quality in Education Conference: Refocus, Renew, and Rev Up for Learning!

(Dutch) Defining Continuous Improvement in Education (pages 44-48)

(Dutch) Verbeteren van opbrengsten; zo doe je dat!

A Study of School Boards and Their Implementation of Continuous Improvement Practices (pages 27-30)

(Dutch) Datagedreven werken aan het onderwijs

An Inside Look at the Books- The Continuous Improvement
Classroom Series (pages 25-29)

Demystifying Baldrige: Lessons Learned by an Urban Public School District on its Journey to Performance Excellence

Boardroom to Classroom: Continuous Improvement in Cedar Rapids- The 'Plan on a Page'

Dr. Marino Keynotes Dutch School District Opening Day (Pages 4-8) (Dutch)

Dutch School District Invites Jay to Keynote Conference (Dutch)

In an Ideal School, Students are
Owner of Their Education (Dutch)

Dr. Marino is Lead Consultant for Silicon Valley, CA School District

Continuous Improvement Yeilds Results (Dutch)

‘ImpaQTing’ Student Achievement Through ASQ’s Training for Schools

Media Activities in Chronological Order

View the national webinar Dr. Marino facilitated titled "Aligning District Goals to Drive Continuous Improvement" with District Administration Media Group (View promotional flyer | February, 2023).

Jay conducts local radio interview regarding the vision for the future of the District (March, 2022).

Jay was last in the the Netherlands the week of October 7-12, 2019 with Klasse.Pro (visit 22) and presented a day-long masterclass sponsored by Medilex Onderwijs conference. Dr. Marino also presented before the educational government of Lithuania during the week.

Jay joins the Consortium for Educational Change as a consultant.

Jay was featured on a blog series of educational financial transparency.

"A Study of School Boards and Their Implementation of Continuous Improvement Practices"- Written by Dr. Marino and Published by the American Society for Quality.

Contributed to a Dutch publication titled Continu Verbeteren in Het Onderwijs (2020). Read the forward (in Dutch).

"District 34 Master Facility Plan on Schedule and on Budget!" reads the article in "Connections: magazine.

"Antioch District 34 additions, renovations 'on budget and on schedule" reads the article in the News-Sun.

"Relief Through Leadership — Area Superintendents Help Repair Hurricane Damaged School in Puerto Rico" reads the article in the "Connections" magazine. Jay participated on this service trip.

Read a magazine article titled "District 34 Classroom Learning Community (CLC) Model – Student Ownership, Empowerment and Responsibility- The Classroom Learning Community"

Jay was a keynote speaker at the "Hrm Het Onderwijs" national conference (view the conference flyer) for Human Resource Managers in Bussum, The Netherlands.

Jay will host a Masterclass connected with the HRM conference (View the promotional flyer).

"Continu verbeteren in het basisonderwijs" reads the promotional flyer for a masterclass Jay conducted in the Netherlands.

"Antioch school district prepares for big projects"- reads the article from the Daily Herald.

"District 34 Engages the Community in Master Facility Planning"  Dr. Marino was Superintendent- Passed Facilities referendum after 3 failed prior referendums.