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Continuous Improvement Through Teamwork, Collaboration and Shared Leadership

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This site is a multimedia, online portfolio for Dr. J. Jay Marino who serves as an international consultant assisting American and European school organizations in their continuous improvement efforts. This site is not affiliated with any organization or school system.

Jay was last a keynote speaker at the "Hrm Het Onderwijs" national conference (view the conference flyer) for Human Resource Managers in Bussum, The Netherlands on November 27, 2018.

Jay has worked with teachers, administrators, school board members and government officials in Holland since 2009, over a course of 20, week-long visits (visit 21 will be in October, 2019), focusing on systemic transformational change through a continuous improvement approach of 21st century learning and leadership. View a one page overview of Jay's continuous improvement alignment model (English | Dutch), download the e-book, or view articles and videos to learn more about Jay's continuous improvement model.

Learn how students are involved in a Classroom Learning Community model as published in a school magazine. Read some quotes from various Dutch publications regarding school development (in English or Dutch) and the focus on ownership and alignment (in English or Dutch).

Learn more about the book!

Dr. J. Jay Marino

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Learn how students are involved in continuous improvement in Holland, or in the United States. Hear what American teachers and administrators say about continuous improvement in their schools.  Take a tour with Jay through some Dutch Schools implementing continuous improvement! View photos of Jay's visits to the Netherlands and international travels. Do you know the way to Dr. Jay? Listen to the song performed by participants after a masterclass in the Netherlands!

What do participants say about the experience?  View a video clip from participants (in Dutch) or an excerpt from a Dutch blog (below).  Can't read Dutch? View the excerpt in English.

"Mooi, inspirerend en overtuigend

De deelnemers zijn enthousiast. ‘Mooi’, ‘inspirerend’ en ‘overtuigend’ vinden ze Marino’s presentatie. Van die waardering kan Marino zelf ook genieten. “Ik heb een geweldige dag”, zegt hij lachend. “Ik geniet van het enthousiasme van de deelnemers. Ik voel ook dat ik verschil maak.” Is dat waarom hij telkens terugkomt?  Maar Jay Marino heeft een ‘hoger doel’. “Ik wil een grotere impact op kinderen hebben; een impact die mijn eigen schooldistrict overstijgt. Ik wil van betekenis zijn voor heel Nederland door scholen te helpen hun potentieel te benutten. Dat is weer van invloed op de kinderen en daar gaat het om voor mij.”

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Below is an interactive map of all the locations where Dr. Marino has presented masterclasses in the Netherlands (red stars)
and European cities visited when on holiday (blue stars).

Upcoming Tours in the Netherlands

*Visit 21- October 7-11, 2019 (Hosted by Klasse.Pro)

If interested in seeking additional information about booking consultative services, please send an email message to continuous_improvement@jaymarino.me. Jay partners with Klasse.Pro in Holland.

Dr. Jay Marino & Marijke Broer from Klasse.pro


(The interactive collaboration site is only active during masterclasses in the
Netherlands or during workshops and presentations in the United States)